He is so Lovely~

Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Hello again beauties~
Tonight I just want to tell you about how lucky and happy  I am, so this is about my lifetime story (again) but this one will be a little longer than before haha ^^

Seriously..I feel so damn happy he is mine..
I love him more and more each day ^^

           I have another favorite moment with him, it's his birthday! On 6 May 2014 00:00 I gave him a little romantic voice note for his birthday <3 and on that day I gave him gifts and surprise haha  He was so speechless and I felt so excited and happy, so I have planned surprise for him, with his best friend, and his family, but on that day everything goes different as I was already planned.

           He didn't go to work so all my plans change to plan C which I never plan before, so that was a sudden "surprise plan" lol xD but I got helped from his brother and mother, he's brother is soo cute, I love his brother than my brothers lol kidding (v).

            Me,his brother and his mother come to his bedroom and surprise him lol he was so shocked, we sang "happy b'day" song,blow out the candles and finally opened the gifts >.< his mother come to see the gift <3 and I've spent almost 3 hours with his mom hhehe she asked me to accompany her to go shopping and cook another time, I felt soooo excited because I love to shopping and I really want to cook with her <3 that will be great <3

           After that he took me to dinner, and we watched a movie, eat our favorite snack, talked about our future, and designing our dream house yeaay that was so fun~ and also we have been searching for a great house for us <3 I hope we find it faaaaaaast hhihi, I gave all my time for him on that that, we've spent a full day together <3 Thanks honey~~ <3

             So that was my another favorite moment with him hihi He always said to me.. you are my future and always be my future >.<  Gooosh that's why I keep falling in love with him ^^ Now I believe, love will find you on the right time with the right man <3 and now he came to me on the right time~ I'm blessed ^^ Some people say you only love once, and I say how is that true when I fall in love with him all over again every single day? >.<
 No matter what happens to us in future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.

Uppsss~ that was quite enough~ lol sorry for the loooong story~
sorry for the grammar I was so excited hihi
hope we meet again beauties~ bye bye~

I Got A Boy~^^ [Life Story]

Minggu, 04 Mei 2014

Hey pals how are you?
I'm really abandoned this page, I'm sorry again :(

Okay today I just want to tell a little story about my life, not about makeup or my experience lol 
I just want to tell that I have a boyfriend!! and I do really love him! *backsound IGAB-SNSD*

We are already knew each other for a long time, I first met him on 2011. We met in our organization it called HMJA UNSRI. It will be a long story if I tell you all the things from the first time we met until now lol If you know everything you will be going nut. >.< 
We are really close so I felt like I have a big brother ^^.

       So here it is.. our story starts in the mid 2013, and Our PDKT (get-to-know) season is almost 5 month, I'm really sorry to make you wait, sorry for all struggle that I gave to you  and thank you so much for not giving up on me and thank you again for the effort you gave to me. Seriously I am really happy when I flashback about our PDKT  (get-to-know) things hihi. It was a looooong PDKT  (get-to-know) season that I ever had hahaha. You really know how to appreciate me, you always know how to make me smile and understand me.. I know we are really meant to be hhihi. 
Finally after all this time.. 2014 is our time to build a strong relationship a.k.a dating. ^^ 

**I'm still remember when he want to tell me about his feeling..That day he was really nervous, he looked into my eyes but he was so freeze like ice lol, and he was sweating, oh God me too lol . I was sitting beside him and my heart was beating so fast >.< **

       So after that we starting a new relationship on 2014 January 28. I have a good boyfriend! >.< I'm so happy he is mine <3 and now he already know my family >.< when saturday night he always come to my house to meet my mom and dad. I remember when he was helping my dad gardening lol he look really cool when he cut the twigs with my brother xD and then we washed the car with my dad and brother, that was a tired day but it felt so fun when I did it with him. >.<

Sorry I kept bla bla-ing about my love story (but it's only a little story about us not a whole story hihi) I'm so excited >.< 

Tomorrow is his Birthday and I already have a great plan and gifts for my honey <3
Please 6 May come fast! hihi 
okay then bye byeee~ this is the first life story for my blog <3

XOXO beauties~