It's Been So Long~

Minggu, 29 September 2013

I am really sorry for abandoned this blog.. It's almost 1 Year since October 2012, sorry beauty~ but I promise you I'll share more review for you
Now I got a lot of free time!! 
Because I'm on my last semester on college, I really hope I can graduate on 2014 ^^

So today i want to share with you guys about my last experience, It's about XL Future Leader 2 ,  I really want to be part of it, and I almost got it!! but I failed on the last selection..
We must pass 3 Selection type and all the selection are in English. The first selection is to test our English skill hmm it's a bit like a TOEFL test and the second selection is about Managing Skill, they want to see how we manage a team or a industry, so they gave 3 cases all in English, they gave us a background of TELNAS telecommunication industry and some project about their products, and it's all 50 pages.. Okay.. on that day i'm not really focus because i have a problem, yeah you know some love problem LOL, so it takes time for me to understand that cases.
Alas, I only answer one case 
But guess what ?? I pass the second selection!!

The Last selection is we must give a 3 minutes  presentation about our answer, How to maintain the company, What strategy we choose to get the profit and What product that can help company to survive on the global competition.
Thank God I can do it, After that They gave us 30 minutes to discuss about that case and make a conclusion of it.
I Really like my team, We have 7 people in the team include me, and I am the only girl on this team LOL
I think they are great and smart, I need to learn how to increase my self-esteem because they all good on presentation ^^ I felt a competition aura in there haha

It's such a great experience for me to meet and compete with them, anyway Thank Guys ! I'm glad to know you all ^^ I hope we'll meet again on the other competition bro!

Alas i didn't pass the last selection, i kinda disappointed because this program is really interesting, we can trip to various cities after join this program, because this is like a leadership training and every month they'll make a meeting on different cities, ex: Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar etc.
But that's okay i'll try hard for another event! Hwaiting! 

I almost sign this Contract :(

My Dad gave me this book because I pass the selection. Hmmm seriously daad?? is it necessary? Lol I didn't pass the final test ..but Thank you so much daaad, I really appreciate it!^^ *Hug* By the way thank you for my best sister, Wiranti who accompany me on that day, She was waiting me until i finish the selection~ Thank You sisteerrr! XX

Thank You for the book Dad! ^^

That's All for tonight~ thank you for visiting my blog~
See You Soon Pals~ ^^