Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

hello beauties  i'm really sorry for my loooong~ hiatus T.T i'm kinda busy :"(

Today i want to review about the face shop masks ^0^

- Real Nature Mask Lemon

POSITIVE : - moisturize my dry skin, and i think it's brighten up my face a little bit, but it's not good as the rice mask
- it has coolin' effect for skin, so my skin can relax for a bit LOL
NEGATIVE : - i really don''t like the scent , the lemon scent is strong
- after i put this masks for 20 minutes my skin felt really~ sticky and greasy
in the next day my face felt very oily and then i have 3 red bumps , it's not pimple, it's itchy when i touched it, so this mask not work for me.. my skin is really~~ sensitive T.T and that bumps was gone after two days T.T i really don't recommended this mask for people who have sensitive skin T.T
WILL BUY IT AGAIN ? BIG NO ! thank you so much :"( this mask just not work for me sorry :"(

- Real Nature Mask Cucumber

the formula is watery so it's like you put water on your face LOL

POSITIVE : idk, i just feel a little fresh after i put this mask
NEGATIVE : first of all, i really~ don't like the scent, i kinda felt dizzy, idk what scent it is, but it's too strong for my sensitive skin and for my eyes, i think i smelt too much alcohol in this mask, and also i don't really felt the benefit of this mask like on the description.
the next day my skin felt really oily same as the lemon mask done for me T.T
WILL BUY IT AGAIN : N and O this mask not work for me so i don't recommended this mask :)

- Real Nature Mask Raspberry

Finally this mask work on me!! after the others disappointed me :"(
the formula is not sticky and runny, it's absorb well

i really love this mask ^^ it has a nice scent, not too strong and it disappear when you put the mask on :)
on the description : an anti aging mask sheet containing raspberry which prevents the oxidation of skin , to maintain healthy and dense skin, okay let's see, is this mask give you like it promise LOL

- the raspberry scent on this mask not too strong and it's fine for my skin ^^
- it's really give like it promise , my face felt moisturize and brighten up also my redness is reduced ^^
- in the next day my face looks smooth, i have no bumps, and not oily at all , OMG i fall in love with this mask


WILL BUY IT AGAIN ? hell yeah LOL ^^

- Real nature mask pomegranate

(the pomegranate mask is on the left)

the formula quite runny than raspberry mask
POSITVE : it moisturized my skin ^^, i kinda love the scent :)

NEGATIVE : i don't like the result, my face looks the same as before i put the mask. i felt a little disappointed , cause this mask not work for me :")


- Real Nature Mask Mung Bean

When i opened this mask, i just fell in love for the first time, cause this mask is less scent than the others real nature masks,based on the description this mask effective in purifying pores and smooth skin texture, so i think this mask is really suit for oily skin :)

POSITIVE : I like it so much ^^ my face look really smooth ^^
WILL BUY IT AGAIN ? hmm i'll consider it, cause i prefer Real Nature Rice mask ^^

Thank You SO~ Much Beauties for visiting this page, Love Ya !! ^^ Bye Bye