My Haul has Arrived !

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Hello pals :) i'm so sorry for my long-absence LOL but now i'm back~~ ^0^ and for my blog i just make a new blog ,  i'm gonna give you beauty product reviews, so i hope you like it ^^


List *from left to right* :

1. The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream - Fruits Mix

(hello there's my little bear want to be a model for this post kekeke)

Description : A cleansing cream, contains fruit extracts that are rich in vitamins. Effective in brightening, with mild touch feel

How To Use : 

Get adequate amount on palms. Massage the face until the make up base gets off. Wipe it out with tissue. Use cleansing foam as the last step.

2. Skin Food - Apple Liquid Eyeliner #1 Black

i'm in love with this eyeliner after read a lot of reviews of it.

3. Skin Food - Rice Concealer Tip #23

i really need it to cover my dark circle ( i like to stay up late so in the morning my eyes will turn into panda eyes LOL xD)

4. The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Foam Cleansing - Aloe

Description : A mild, natural cleanser, which contains nine herbs and fresh aloe ingredients , providing moisture after cleansing

How To Use
 : Get adequate amount for foam. Gently place it all over the face and rinse it off with clean water

5. The Face Shop Arsainte Eco - Therapy Extreme-Moisture Essential Serum
This item really suitable for dry skin, i have a dry skin but sometimes it gets oily especially on my T-zone and it happens when i have my period.

Description : double-layered Essential Serum containing super-moisturizing golden palm oil and bamboo sap.

How To Use :

After using Tonic, gently shake the container up and down to mix the serum lotion and essential oil, Take up an appropriate amount and evenly apply to be absorbed smoothly.

6. The Face Shop Arsainte Eco - Therapy Extreme-Moisture Tonic with Essential

(i'm really sorry cause i can't give you my real item picture cause it so slow to uploading :( )

Description : An essence toner that needs to be shaken before usage to mix the aroma essential oil and golden palm oil, uses bamboo extracts instead of water.

How To Use :

Shake the bottle for better oil mixture and pump adequate amount out and evenly spread out

I'm gonna review those things as soon as possible if i don't have a lot of college task ^^

So thank you for stop by *LOL xD

Seeyaaa !

Source for description and how to use :

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