The Face Shop - Cereal Mask Sheet (sesame) Review

Senin, 23 Januari 2012

Hello again ^^ tonight i want to review about TFS mask again, cause i'm obsessed with TFS mask, even one of their mask make my skin irritation T.T

(i'm really sorry again for the low quality of picture)

   (the formula is not thick and it's almost like water cause when i opened it and unfold the mask its dripping)

- the scent is nice ^^ it has sweet cereal scent i think ^^
- the formula is not thick it's almost like water so my skin can absorb it quickly and it's safe for sensitive skin
- this mask for normal to dry skin, my skin is very dry so i really need this mask, it makes my skin very soft and glowing ^0^ and i think my redness it's gone for a while ^^

- oh God why in this mask contain alcohol T.T but thank goodness it's not make my skin irritation >,<
- this mask sheet really big to my face.. but never mind

Overall i love this mask !! and it's safe for my skin (sensitive skin)

 (after use the mask, i feel my skin more soft ^^ oh gosh.. i have dark circle because i stay up late for a week T.T)

WILL BUY IT AGAIN?? I Definitely will buy this mask again ^^this mask really great for normal-dry skin ^^

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Review The Face Shop Mask - Vita C Mask Sheet

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Aku baru aja dapetin ni mask dan pas sampe dirumah aku langsung pakek ni mask, (setelah aku bersihin muka sampe bersih).
Sebelumnya aku beli 2 mask yaitu :
- Vita C Mask Sheet
- Essential Mask sheet Hyaluronic Acid (untuk kulit kering)

- Aku suka kemasannya yg cute and pink, i love pinky things LOL
- Aku tertarik dengan manfaatnya > - Deep penetrating formula with vit.C and Helps Brightnening dull skin tone and fights free radicals to retard aging

- Wangingya yang terlalu menyengat, it's too strawberry and raspberry, i have a sensitive nose so.. it's too much for me.. 
- Mask ini mengandung Alkohol ! OMG. aku gak liat ingredients nya, dan hasilnya muka aku pas makek nih mask jadi panas dan merah, so i discontinue use it. This Mask not recommended for Sensitive Skin!!
- Banyak sisa formula makernya yang masih tersisa di bungkus mask, dan itu sangat mubazir

The Formula is sticky but it can be absorb quickly
i'm so sorry for low quality picture T.T

WILL BUY IT AGAIN ? -- NO, cause i have sensitive skin, so this mask not recommended for people who has sensitive skin like me T.T

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