Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Hello again beauties ^^
I really obsessed with THEFACESHOP brand, i really love  it, not just because their icons are Kim Hyun Joong and Seohyun (SNSD) but also it contains natural ingredient and safe for my sensitive skin, seriously it's difficult to find the suitable skincare brand for my skin :(( but now the worries has gone ^^

My Haul :

From Left to Right :

- Face It Power Perfection BB Cream #23 Natural Beige
i love the triple function of this BB cream (whitening,anti-wrinkle,sun protection), and i love when kim hyun joong promoting this BB cream, his face really flawless *0* #nosebleed

- Smart Peeling Honey Black Sugar

- Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack 

i'll review it soon ^^
bye bye fellas~~
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THE FACE SHOP - Real Nature Mask Rice Review

Hello girls how are you ?? ^^ finally i'm back ^^ so tonight i want to review about THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask - RICE

i have been using this mask for two weeks, because lately i was really busy and my face looks really tired and dull,so i use this mask to brighten up my face ^^

- The formula is not thick, it's more like water but not dripping, and it's absorb well :)
- It has cereal scent, sorry i can't really describe what scent it is, but it's very nice and soft 
- This mask is for all skin type, and for sensitive skin it's really safe ^^
- I love the result ^^ it's really brighten up my face, i use this mask for 2 weeks, 2 mask for each week, and i satisfied , my face looks more soft,bright and the redness is reduced ^^ 

- when i put the mask after 20 minute, i felt my face a little sticky , but it's okay you can wipe and pat it with facial cotton

WILL BUY IT AGAIN ?? Yes absolutely, it's really work on me ^^ 

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